July 11 2013 9:08 AM ET

100 Greatest, Gayest Albums of All Time

More than 100 actors, comedians, musicians, writers, critics, performance artists, label reps, and DJs, told us the 10 albums that left the most indelible impressions on their lives.

July 10 2013 2:40 PM ET

EXCLUSIVE: Eli Lieb's 'Young Love' Is Cute Gay Romance

We talk to the singer-songwriter about his latest video—which also features classic summer Americana—and why it's more of a positive message than Steve Grand's 'All-American Guy'

July 09 2013 6:00 PM ET

WATCH: Tom Goss Likes 'Em Hot and Hairy

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In his new video, "Bears," the out singer-songwriter chases away his blues at a sexy summer "bearbeque."

Gay Country Singer Reveals Ex-Gay Therapy Past
July 09 2013 5:53 PM ET

Gay Country Singer Reveals Ex-Gay Therapy Past

Jase Peeples

Steve Grand opens up about his painful past in a new interview with ABC.

July 08 2013 1:30 PM ET

WATCH: This Trans Kid's a Human, Not an Alien

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Jillette Johnson debut single and video, 'Cameron,' explores the struggles of a young person enduring abuse and bullying at home and at school — just because he's happiest in a dress and wig.

July 08 2013 9:15 AM ET

WATCH: Gay Dance-Pop Group Gets Frisked and Frisky

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What's the worst — and best — that can happen if you bring sex toys through airport security? Kazaky finds out the hard way in their latest video.

July 05 2013 1:26 PM ET

Tom Ford & Jay Z: A Love Story

Jay Z names his new single 'Tom Ford' after his favorite designer

July 05 2013 1:24 PM ET

The Skivvies: They Strip, Sing, Surprise

Nick Cearley and Lauren Molina perform in their underwear—but that's just the beginning

July 05 2013 11:15 AM ET

Matthew Morrison vs. Adam Levine: Who Do the Gay Guys Love More?

Plus: Morrison is taking song requests for your gay wedding

July 02 2013 6:30 AM ET

WATCH: Is This the Gayest Song Ever?

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A Great Big World has released an animated video for their new single 'Everyone Is Gay.'

July 01 2013 9:00 PM ET

WATCH: This Gay Pop Star Has a Story to Tell

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Todd Michael Schultz, Bret Easton Ellis's boyfriend, gets personal in his new video for 'Told My Story.'

July 01 2013 9:12 AM ET

WATCH: Adam Lambert, George Takei & Others in 'American Girl' Vid

Bonnie McKee conscripted Adam Lambert, George Takei, Lance Bass, Kathy Griffin, Katy Perry, Joan Rivers, and more for her silly vid for her catchy summer song

June 28 2013 2:46 PM ET

Garcon Garcon: Aussie Electro-Pop Duo is Back

Hailing from Sydney, Nathan Mahon and Nick Tsirimokos make perfect bedroom pop