Christian seems to like his sex acts to have assonant names: His lawyer told the jury that Christian and Hudson engaged in "alternating unprotected anal intercourse" between 3 and 5 times a week. Buying even more vowels, Christian tells the jury, when asked, that sex with Hudson was "A-OK."

Christian is bisexual and seems to like older people. When Hudson and Christian met in 1982, Hudson was 56, and Christian, who was then 29, was living with a woman who was even older than the movie star.

Christian told the jury that he had sex with ten or 15 male partners before meeting Hudson but has not had sex at all, of any type, since he found out that Hudson had AIDS in 1985. While one would think that this self-imposed celibacy would pique Christian's interest in sex, potential dates should be advised that Christian is not easy: He told the jury that he and Hudson dated platonically "about 80" times before they finally had sex.

Well, lots of guys around town say they know Christian. Almost all the would-be actors in Hollywood profess they met him at a gym, where he either was saintly or promiscuous, depending on which would-be actor you talk to. In fact, the number of would-be actors who claim to know Christian from this legendary gym is nearly as high as the number of would-be actors who claim to have rejected Hudson's grubby, drunken sexual advances at an equally legendary Hollywood party. The point? Hollywood's only export is fantasy: Don't listen to what you hear on the street; listen to me.

An effort in court to straighten out this gym legend failed. Tony Rocco, a gym buddy of Hudson's, not Christian's, denied on the stand that Hudson's attorneys offered him money to swear in a deposition, falsely, that Christian was promiscuous. But Kevin Lee Short, who was Rocco's gym buddy, swore in court that Rocco was lying: "They offered him money, and now he could get a car." The implication was that Christian did indeed sleep around a lot.

This one's a toss-up. Maybe you should let that gym membership lapse.

Christian testified that he submitted to having his first sexual encounter with Hudson at a cheap motel in North Hollywood, a less-than-glamorous working-class suburb in the San Fernando Valley. Later on, he said, he spent time in "dozens and dozens" of other cheap motels with names like "something Oasis," having sex with Hudson. (Amazingly, a quick check of the North Hollywood yellow pages reveals that, of all the motels listed in North Hollywood, not a single one has a name that contains the word oasis.) The unspoken implication was that Christian really cared for Hudson and was willing to be with him just about anyplace, no matter how seedy it was.

Once he was under Hudson's wing, Christian quickly developed his own sense of personal style and became much more difficult to please in matters of interior
design. On the day that you are in the courtroom, he is sitting before the jury, describing the so-called red bedroom in Hudson's house (where Christian was banished when he and Hudson were fighting) as "garishly decorated."

The lesson? People change after a little time in Beverly Hills. Stay away.

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