...AIM Healthcare Foundation
This nonprofit organization looks
after the emotional and physical care of people who work in the adult
entertainment industry. People who have overcome the sexual barriers set
forth by our hypocritical society have always been heroes of mine. I
strongly support the well-being of these fearless mavericks.

Saint Laurent’s Jonny Boot.

 Standing 6 foot 4, I have no
business wearing a heel in “man drag,” but I cannot resist this boot
with its three-inch heel, which makes slightly flared slacks look
shamelessly chic.

...fake flowers on suit
They’re a great way to spruce up a boring suit. Be sure to
use a narrow pin so as not to leave an unsightly hole in your lapel.

de Provence.
This restaurant in West Hollywood is my favorite place
to meet for breakfast or lunch. The food is divine, and the parking is
easy, breezy. I always order the L’Assiette de la Ferme salad or a crepe
with ham, mushrooms, tomatoes, and goat cheese. And the double lattes
are so delicious they make my tits stand and salute!

bike lights by Knog.

I love riding my bike around West
Hollywood before sunrise or in the early evening when meeting friends
for dinner. It’s so convenient that sometimes my car will sit in the
garage for as long as four days without being moved. These lights are
brilliant because the rubberized design makes them a breeze to attach to
or remove from your bicycle—before thieves ever get the chance.


open tote. When I bought it last spring, I had no idea it
would become such a huge part of my everyday life. I carry it
everywhere. With its classic design and delicious color, it’s one of my
smarter finds.

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