Kingsley Russell's Twist of Hate



KINGSLEY 3 X390Have you gotten any dates out of your videos?
I’ve gotten
friend requests on Facebook from people who want to hang out, but it’s
weird to me — like the people from high school I haven’t talked to in a
year who are now like, “I miss you!”

Do you want a

I have no idea. I like talking to people, but I’m
not a big commitment person.

If I only knew you from your
videos, I’d probably be too intimidated to approach you. Your videos
make you seem a little high-maintenance.

I’m not at all! I mean,
right now I’m just sitting around in a T-shirt and shorts, checking
Twitter, talking to you. I don’t want people to think I’m being fake in
my videos, but I am trying to entertain people. I really don’t walk
around being dramatic and yelling at people.

As someone who
was still in high school a year ago, what do you make of these gay kids
in the news lately who aren't allowed to take their boyfriends or
girlfriends to prom?

Same-sex couples were allowed to go to prom
at my school. Everyone should be able to go with whoever they want to go
with, and I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t be allowed to go with
someone else they love or care about. I don’t understand the
limitations put on homosexual or bisexual people, but luckily I’ve never
experienced something like that. My school even had an LGBT club with
special events for those students, and aside from a couple ignorant
people, my school was accepting of diversity.

Did you go to

I did, but I went with my friend Grace. It was cool — the
dancing, the loudness, crowning of the king and queen — so I enjoyed

OK, so what’s your beef with Ke$ha?
I really
don’t like her. I’m a Britney fanatic, so when she said those negative
things about Britney recently, the whole Spears community got upset, and
I wasn’t happy at all. I got “It’s Kingsley Bitch” from Britney,

Would Britney be your dream celebrity to meet?
want to meet Britney, but I think I’d have a heart attack, fall over,
and die. There’s just something about her. I went to her Circus tour,
and there was one point when she was performing “Radar” where she came
over to our side of the stage, and my mouth just dropped. I want to
protect her, because I know she’s going through so much, so she needs
someone to let go and have fun with.

Who would be your dream
celebrity to date? Nick Jonas?

No, not yet. He’s only 17. [Laughs]
Do you know Evan Ross? He’s Diana Ross’s son. He’s also Hilary Duff’s
love interest in Greta, which is a wonderful movie. He’s
beautiful. If I dated him, my life would be complete.

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