Hollywood and (Sherry) Vine



SHERRY VINE 2 X390 (STILL) | ADVOCATE.COMRumor has it that Lady Gaga herself has seen your videos — have you heard this?
Yes, that’s what I’ve heard. I haven’t gotten any feedback from her directly, but I assume if she didn’t like them, she would have had them taken off YouTube and other sites.

Besides the United States, you have quite a following in Europe.
Yes, and in places like Berlin, where I lived and performed for five years, I feel like drag is taken more seriously. Drag is considered more of an art form in Europe and less of a campy act ending up marginalized by the entertainment industry and the press. In Berlin the crowds that come to see me are much more diverse than in the United States.

New York City is home base for you now, but you also take Sherry on the road.
Yes, I perform several nights a week in New York City. Joey Arias, my good-time girl, and I are also hitting up the West Coast, starting April 30 in San Francisco, and then we have stops in Vancouver, Portland, Seattle, and Los Angeles.

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