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GEORGE KOTSIOPOUOS HEADSHOT CLOSE X390 (PROVIDED) | ADVOCATE.COM You've convinced me. It sounds like a fun evening.
And tickets aren’t that expensive, so if you’re single, just go. It’s a great place to meet a cute guy. If you want to meet a guy, get out of the clubs and go to charity events. Plus, the lighting is better. But, seriously, the event is a blast. It’s like Judy Garland getting the gang together to put on a show in the barn. I’m probably getting that adage wrong because I’m not a show tunes guy.

You don't know Judy Garland movies and you don't like show tunes? You’re a terrible gay.
[Laughs] I am! That’s just not my cup of tea. I just don’t think there’s anything sexy about show tunes. There’s nothing sexy about Glee. I just find it limp-dick making. Give me some Billie Holiday or Etta James or Donna Summer. I just like music that has more soul. OK, I’ll admit that Judy Garland had an incredible voice. I get why the gays are into her. There was just so much drama.

Last year Rose McGowan told   The Advocate that you’re one of her best friends. What do you two do for fun together?

I love me some Rose McGowan. We've been friends for 12 or 13 years. We karaoke a lot, which she loves. You do crazy things with Rose. You go to gun ranges and shoot pistols. She’s a fun girl. She gets this rep that she’s a badass because she dated Marilyn Manson ages ago. She is a badass, but she’s a super-sweet girl with a good heart.

As a stylist, you probably make friends with celebrities, but then on Fashion Police you sometimes have to talk shit about their clothing. Has this ever come back to bite you on the ass?

Uh-huh. It bit me in the butt with Rose. I want to be genuine and honestly comment on fashion, but being friends with someone absolutely affects my decision. If I’m on the fence about something and they’re my friend, I will give them the benefit of a doubt. But if it’s really horrible, I’m not going to lie and say it’s great. For the most part I don’t say anything on the show that I wouldn’t say in real life. My role on the show is as a fashion expert so people can have fashion information.

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