George, Straight Up




 Have you had any run-ins with celebrities you've criticized?
I was seated next to Mindy Kaling at a dinner for Elle magazine. We had talked shit about her so I was a little nervous. But she was like, “I loved that you talked about me on Fashion Police.” I love her. She was cool. She gets it. I did a shoot with the Glee girls for The Hollywood Reporter
and Amber Riley told me she was excited to meet me. Lea Michele said
she watches the show, though now she might not be pleased to see me now,
as we’re not as pleasant about her. It’s just funny. If I’m styling a
shoot, it never occurs to me that anyone will know who I am. I never
think about it. I’m just there to make people look good. 

 Do you plan what you’re going to say with Joan in advance?
We never have any idea what Joan is going to say and we don’t want to know in advance. It’s so much more fun that way. I’m not scripted at all. I go over things with the producer the night before, but what I say is coming out of my mouth fresh.

How do you account for the show's popularity?
First and foremost, Joan is hysterical. Even if I’m watching a rerun, I’ll laugh at her jokes. I hope that people watching get the sense that I am a fashion person. Sometimes a fashion guy is cast as the flamboyant gay. I mean, I can queen out with the best of them, but for the most part I’m not a stereotypical gay guy. There are all types of gay and I think it’s good to represent them all. I know super-butch guys who are into fashion. I just feel that it’s portrayed a certain way in the media with the sassy gay sidekick.  

Why do so many gay men enjoy watching red carpet fashions?
just like pretty things and I want my world to be pretty 24/7. I’m
using “pretty” loosely. I just like nice things. I think everything
should be beautiful. Life is too short. Why should I wake up and look at
ugly things? But you know what? Straight guys love it too. Who doesn’t
want to look at beauty?

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