Celebrities Raise Voices On Point to Benefit LGBTQ Scholars

Celebrities and Scholars turned out for the Point Foundation's "Voices on Point" Concert and Gala in Los Angles on Saturday, September 15.



Drita D'Avano, of VH1's Mob Wives, on what she'll do for her gay friends and fans:

"I'm going to be blatantly honest - I beat up a lot of people for my gay friends, because they were spoken to in a bad way. And I mean, getting violent is not the right thing to do, but that's how I used to handle the situation because I was very angry about it. Times have changed but not enough — and I do feel that people should support more… I want my gay fans to know that I love them dearly, and if anyone bothers them, they can fucking email me and I have no problem kicking ass."