Celebrities Raise Voices On Point to Benefit LGBTQ Scholars

Celebrities and Scholars turned out for the Point Foundation's "Voices on Point" Concert and Gala in Los Angles on Saturday, September 15.



Busy Phillips, actress on Cougar Town, Dawson's Creek on why she supports the Point Foundation:

"LGBTQ causes have always been something close to my heart because, as a mom, as a person growing up, I've always just had a problem with people treating LGBTQ kids and teenagers as if they were less than, because of something that's out of their control… And the Point Foundation has done such incredible work with our scholars and we've been able to see now, over the past 11 years, where they've gone with this encouragement. Look, it would be great if we all had super-supportive parents, who embraced us for our differences and encouraged us, but not everyone is lucky enough to get that. And so these foundations are incredibly important top step in and say, you're worth it, I believe in you, you're going to be someone and be something and you don't have to fall to the wayside. You don't have to be invisible and not be heard."