WATCH: Richard Simmons Gives Emotional and Awkward Interview to Fox News

From crying to crooning, Richard Simmons may have given Fox News its most awkward interview of all time.



Richard Simmons appeared on Fox News for an unforgettable interview that’s raising eyebrows across the internet, reports Joe My God.

The interview immediately swerved into uncomfortable territory as Simmons began flirting with Fox News host Neil Cavuto, saying, “You look so handsome tonight, I can hardly keep from climbing over this desk.”

However, it’s the emotional rollercoaster that followed which could land the segment on Fox News’ list of all time most bizarre interviews.

As Simmons discussed his passion for fitness and the need for portion control during holidays like Thanksgiving, the exercise guru bounced back and forth between emotional extremes. From crying over his desire to “make people feel good and laugh” and his experience being bullied as a young boy, to celebrity impersonations, yoga poses, and braking out in song, Simmons routinely sailed the interview into the seas of strangeness – despite Cavuto’s best efforts to keep the conversation on track.

Watch the full interview below.  

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