PHOTOS: LGBT Celebs on the Blessing and Curse of Aging

Greg Louganis, Peter Paige, Wilson Cruz, Tuc Watkins, Blake McIver and more shine a spotlight on the joys as well at the challenges that come with aging in the LGBT community.



Wilson Cruz (GLAAD spokesperson, Red Band Society)

Best part of growing older?
Getting wiser. You hopefully don’t make the same mistakes. You gain knowledge and hopefully pass it on to somebody coming after you. That’s the best part — helping them avoid whatever pitfalls you fell into.

Greatest challenge of growing older?
We lost such a large part of our generation before this one. There isn’t a lot of modeling of how we get older, how we value people who came before us, [and] how we value people with more wisdom. There’s a challenge on their part to be understood. It’s up to us, the younger people, to give them the opportunity to live up to the wisdom that they have and that they can impart.