PHOTOS: LGBT Celebs on the Blessing and Curse of Aging

Greg Louganis, Peter Paige, Wilson Cruz, Tuc Watkins, Blake McIver and more shine a spotlight on the joys as well at the challenges that come with aging in the LGBT community.



Blake McIver (The People's Couch)

Best part of growing older?
I started working and performing as a singer and actor when I was so young that I feel like I’ve been 40 my entire life. So it can only get better! I can’t wait. I’m finding my number will catch up with how I feel.

Greatest challenge of growing older?
Part of the problem with our community is that we are so youth-centric... It’s almost like, you reach a certain age and you’re gay, you almost don’t exist anymore. But I think that’s horrible. We’re all going to be there someday, so we need to respect and be appreciative of those that came before us.