BY Albert Smith

February 06 2010 6:00 AM ET


Why are you a photographer?
The arts have always been part of my life — drawing, paint. I studied arts, film, and fashion photography. I always liked to observe and go on record in some way with my passion for the male. Photography fascinated me — the speed at which you can leave these moments recorded. I am fascinated by the light, and I feel like a voyeur, watching.

What catches your eye?
The male beauty and simplicity, the volumes of the muscles, the smiles; the bodies are exhibited, sometimes naive, sometimes malicious ... sensuality, brutality.

How do you choose your subjects?

Observing the daily life of a normal man. I like to know the model before, talk, try to watch their voices, manners. I try to bring them to the maximum — after that I decide how I will photograph. I have a notebook, and I like writing ideas, The styling is not important; I prioritize the model.

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