Kim Christy's Lost World

BY Christopher Harrity

February 12 2011 5:00 AM ET

I left my shoes in Philly! And most of my luggage. We had been performing there the night before in a traveling show called The Male Box Revue. We had it all: statuesque beauties, drag clowns, hot guys, and me — the cute young stripper with the big surprise! We all had to show up at Kriegsmann’s studio for marquee shots. I just put on my “Barbie feet” and made the best of it. Fortunately I remembered my gloves and boa. I had my priorities. Once again, a photo created me. I got an incredible amount of work from this image. I traveled all over Europe, spent time in Berlin, Amsterdam. I met some of the most highly paid female dominants in the world and learned my craft from them. I began making my own films. And within a few years, I was to meet the woman who would eventually become my wife.

So, forgive me for asking: You’re straight now?
I am married to my wife. I am with her. Something I learned from all my years working with clients all over the world: Men and women can both be very fluid in their sexuality. Plus things like certain sexual scenarios can engage a person deeply for a time. Sometimes it’s same-sex activity. Some people stay attracted to one gender or another all their lives. I was with men — when I lived as a woman — who never would have called themselves gay, but they were not unhappy about my extra parts at all. Like I said, back then we did not name things so much. I never thought of any of the things I did as who I was. They were things I liked. Things I did.

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