Prolixus Luminis

Prolixus Luminis

The notion of a picture speaking a thousand words is not novel. Nor is the idea of posting photography on the Internet. But what I hope to accomplish in this new weekly column is an opportunity to share the art of photography with the audience ... people, places, things, adventures, perspectives.

I am by no means an expert or a professional photographer. I’m a dabbling amateur with a love of art and photography in particular, who just so happened to be offered this little platform to share his love of photography with the audience. What you’ll find every week in this new column is a favorite shot of mine, and soon we’ll incorporate a favorite from submitted entries from you, the online reader.




Escaping Los Angeles is critical to my emotional and spiritual survival… as a human being, an adventurer and an artist. This week’s photo is from Lake Arrowhead. A group of friends and I had just spent the day skiing at Big Bear and we came around this bend in the narrow road and this view knocked the wind out of me. I think I terrified the drive by yelling “STOP”. I lept from the SUV with my camera in hand and took a series of images of this moment. The way the light plays off the objects and the water – and the silhouetted frame of the pine giving the viewer the feeling of glimpsing this glorious instant from the perspective of the tree (or from someone behind it) – makes this something more than just a landscape shot of the sunset. Kind of like springing yourself from the LA trap, it’s a bit of an unexpected wink to awaken something inside.

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