Gay Photographer Reinvents the Pin-Up With Manly Men



RION SABEAN PIN-UP MEN ORAGNE X560 | ADVOCATE.COMWhen is the calendar going to be available?
The calendar will
be ready by December, come hell or high water! I'm working with a very
small company and am currently going to submit an unfinished mockup to
check the quality and make sure it's acceptable. 

You play with gender binaries, clearly. Is that something that’s has personal relevance?
wouldn't fully say that it feels personal, so much as pertinent. I just
know that there are very specific things that society has always said,
and still says, that males should and shouldn't do — and females too —
and that doesn't bode well with me. I just live by the mantra that these
rules are so minuscule that they don't even matter. They're constructs
and completely baseless, so why should be ascribe to them?

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