Amos Mac Reintroduces the Zine



Being a creative child surrounded by photos started Mac’s love for the art.  

“I have always deeply appreciated photographic images, the way that it captures our history,” he said.

Mac has photographed the likes of Margaret Cho, Justin
Vivian Bond, Rocco “Katastrophe” and Zackary Drucker. While he has
photographed these types of mainstream artists, Mac says he is
typically more drawn to “photographing people who are kind of

His photography of these underground individuals sprouted an original publication called Original Plumbing. It targets trans men and is created and
independently published by Mac and Rocco Kayiatos. Mac and Kayiatos
gather their stories in a variety of ways, accepting original submissions via the zine’s website and by reaching out to writers
in the trans community. The models used in the magazine are found
through submissions, but some are found by Kayiatos as he tours the
country with his music.

“It’s an
artistic magazine," Mac said. "It creates a space that goes beyond the typical
transition blogs online. Print media means a lot to me. I
wouldn’t have it any other way than print."

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