Butch-Femme For a New Millennium

Photographer Wendi Kali has launched the Butch/Femme Photo Project in an effort to document butch and femme identities as they exist in today's modern context.



Joe LeBlanc
Cajun, polyamorous, transgender, genderqueer, butch, feminist, top, rabble-rouser, word whore
39 years old
Portland, Ore.

"I wish people knew or better understood that identity is not static. I wish others understood that because my identity is as it is, does not change anything about your own. That there are many ways to be butch, to be transgender, to be a feminist, et al. There are multiple definitions and expressions for our identities, and that is a good thing. The identities and words we use to describe ourselves is only the beginning of the conversation, not the be-all end-all about who we are. Identity is not only personal, but it is amazing, radical and political..."

Tags: Photography