Butch-Femme For a New Millennium

Photographer Wendi Kali has launched the Butch/Femme Photo Project in an effort to document butch and femme identities as they exist in today's modern context.



Jennie and Lisa

Jock, tomboy
50 years old
Gresham, Ore.

"I've always thought of myself as a tomboy as long as I can remember. I always identified with boys better than girls. Couldn't understand their need for girly things. I just wanted to play ball and do boy things."

Soft butch
48 years old
Gresham, Oregon

"Being butch does not mean I want to become a man! Being in a relationship with another butch does not confuse our sex roles. There is no 'man' in our relationship, hence the word lesbian: a woman who loves women. A butch woman is still a woman. I love to receive flowers, my butch lover loves to receive flowers. We are two of the gushiest, sappiest women I've ever known."

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