Aug Sept 2016
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PHOTOS: Alaska Is for Lovers

Stephen And Keegan Frittsx633 0
Stephen and Keegan Fritts


Although Alaska is unlike anywhere else in the country, love there looks like it does just about any place.

But what photographers Mitch Kitter and Shalem Mathew really set out to prove with the launch of the "Love Is Love" project in the summer of 2012 is even simpler — that love is love, no matter if you are straight or LGBT.

They photographed 28 same-sex couples from all over Alaska while filmmaker April Frame recorded video, conducted interviews, and compiled a video that is sure to leave you misty eyed. (Check out a preview of the film on the last page.) At their gallery opening October 5, more than 760 Alaskans came to show their support. Even Sen. Lisa Murkowski sent the artists a note about the project after announcing her support for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Now the project's organizers want to launch "More Love to More People" with a photo book featuring LGBT couples and families all over the United States. This year they will take the project on the road, visiting Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. Through their campaign on Kickstarter, if they reach their goals, the team will photograph couples in the Midwest in May, and the South in November.

Check out some of their stunning photos from Alaska on the following pages.

Casey Griffith And Adam Womblex633 0
Casey Griffith and Adam Womble

Doug Gasek John Hirst And Marcinx633 0

Doug Gasek, John Hirst, and Marcin


Jaime Spats And Issa Bramanx633 0

Jaime Spats and Issa Braman


Jim Henry And Gary Dearthx633 0

Jim Henry and Gary Dearth

Julie Schmidt And Gayle Schuhx633 0

Julie Schmidt and Gayle Schuh


Malyn And Ava Andersonx633 0

Malyn and Ava Anderson


Nicole And Jen Theulenx633 0

Nicole and Jen Theulen

Sean Clark And Erik Whitneyx633 0

Sean Clark and Erik Whitney


Steph Lela Figarellex633 0

Lela and Steph Figarelle


Tracy Storey And Dawn Weltonx633 0

Tracy Storey and Dawn Welton

Zach Maurer And Jeremy Lutzx633 0

Zach Maurer and Jeremy Lutz


VIDEO: Love Is Love Films 28 LGBT Alaskan Families