Aug Sept 2016
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PHOTOS: L.A. Pride Heats Up

When it comes to glittery goodness, activism with abs, entertainment with energy, bears and booty boys alongside lovely lipstick lesbians, there's no other Gay Pride like Los Angeles's. Take a look at the following photos from the 2013 celebration, which took place over the past weekend.

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L.A. Pride honorees Brendon Ayanbadejo and Advocate editor at large Diane Anderson-Minshall.


Sudsy people ride in the Dr. Bonner's soap float.

TOMMY01X633 0

Special thanks to the folks at TommyPhoto for the use of many of their great photos.


A man on a float spays water at spectators.

TOMMY02X633 0

Synchronize your cell phones, boys.

TOMMY03X633 0

Balloon bear.


Representatives of Mickey's gay bar ride a fire truck.

TOMMY04X633 0

Heart art.

Tommy06x633 0

Proud dads.


Roxy Baltimore walks down Santa Monica Boulevard.

Tommy08x633 0

Love and peace are why we are there.


Ladies riding Lisa Vanderpump's Sur-mobile, the car that parks nightly in front of the Beverly Hills housewife's West Hollywood restaurant.


A child wears a Human Rights Campaign logo.

Tommy09x633 0

West Hollywood cheerleaders practicing.

Tommy10x633 0

Native American-style garb, and very little of it.

Tommy12x633 0

Spray-on fun.

170250219X633 0

Muscled guys on a float, and rainbow wings.


Shannon Cram kisses her friend Michelle Molina.


Tommy14x633 0

The girls are going for a ride.

Tommy13x633 0

Good thing there's a fire truck right there, as it looks like things are heating up.


A woman marches with Equality California.

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