Aug Sept 2016
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PHOTOS: Europride Drums Up the Pride

Some 7,500 activists and supporters of LGBT rights marched through the French port of Marseille at the start of Europride on July 20.

174100323 Fauxhawksx633 0

Nothing says Pride like rainbow-feathered fauxhawks.

174100228 Vanityx633 0

All is vanity.

174100607drumcorpx633 0

Drumming up some Pride.

174100446 Rainbowflagsx633 0

Unfurling the rainbow flag.

174100618fansx633 0

Fan-dancing lives.

174100597 Sistersx633 0

Les Soeurs of Perpetual Indugence pose.

174100307Drumdadx633 0

Drumming up a daddy.

174100410 Eyesx633 0

It's called a Phrygian cap. We think it's Phrygian awesome.

174100500blackshirtsx633 0

Let's hear it for the ladies.


Pride at the Vieux Port in Marseille.
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