PHOTOS: International Love... and Hate

Religion and LGBT equality have found themselves on opposite sides of protests around the world in recent days, with a debate over marriage equality in Haiti, the Pope visiting Brazil, and the effects of marriage equality in France still taking hold.



First the French Open was interrupted by a protester from the antigay group, Homen, and then on July 21 demonstrators lined the way as the pack in the Tour de France rode past the Chateau de Versailles, outside Paris. But no matter which event they interrupt next, it won't stop marriage equality. The law has already been passed and signed.

Guy Martineau-Sepel and Jean-Michel Martin finally kiss at the Arcangues City Hall during their wedding ceremony on July 22. The mayor of Arcangues, Jean-Michel Colo, made headlines when he refused several times to allow any same-sex couples to wed. He's now being sued.

The couple leaves city hall after getting married.

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