Queer Eye by Canadian Guys

Canada's OUT TV is about to launch two new style gurus with Chris & John to the Rescue.



Was it hard for this unambiguously gay duo to find willing
participants south of the border? “People in
America in general seem very scared of the term
‘reality TV,’” explains Simpson,
“thanks to any number of Fox shows. We had to
be very careful about our wording so that people
understood that we aren’t like [the show] Big
and aren’t going to pull out
someone’s worst enemy from around the corner at
any given point in time. Other than that, most people
and businesses [in P-Town] were just as supportive as they
are here in Canada, perhaps even more so.”

Stateside, the show’s entire first two seasons will
begin airing in January 2008 on Here TV. “This
is our first foray into [what ostensibly can be
called] reality TV...it is unlike any other piece of our
programming,” says Josh Rosenzweig, Here
Networks’ vice president, corporate
communications. “We thought the show was fun and
funny, and Chris and John are incredibly

Makeovers, love connections, morale boosting -- all in
a day's work for the self-described culture
aficionados, and their summer adventures in P-Town
proved especially gratifying for Chris and John. “We
really did help out our five rescue candidates this
season,” Simpson asserts, “and they are
better off in the world because of us.”

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