Lesbian After Graduation

As one of the subjects of TV Land's new show High School Reunion, Kat Feller is reality TV's newest token lesbian. She talks to us about everything from coming out to bi-curiosity and hooking up on the show.



Step aside, Dani
Campbell, the “futch” firefighter who nearly
won Tila Tequila’s heart on last fall’s
reality contrivance, A Shot at Love With Tila
You now have competition for Cutest
Reality-Show Lesbian from Kat Feller, one of about a
dozen cast members of TV Land’s new miniseries
High School Reunion.

Kat joins her
fellow classmates from the 1987 graduating class of J.J.
Pearce High School in Dallas for a two-week-long reunion
drama-thon, not in Texas but in a typical reality-show
mansion -- on Maui. Kat’s story line: Let
everybody know she’s a lesbian and maybe explore some
of her bi-curiosity. Will the sparkly-cute
38-year-old, tatted-and-pierced voice-over actor, who
now lives in Santa Monica, Calif.,get anything going
with a fellow alumna? The Advocate had to ask.

Any girl-on-girl action in High School Reunion?

The only thing I
can really say to that is that there’s a confession
on my end. I can’t say anything more.
Doesn’t that make you want to watch?

A confession… hmm. Well, are any of the other
women on the show bi-curious?

No. Maybe in the

Does anyone hook up during the reunion?

Yes. But I have
to keep it under wraps.

I just got to watch the first three episodes of the
series. And I must say, you’ve proved once again
that gays are the most fun.

Oh, I’m a
happy lesbian. And if we weren’t on the phone, I
could be more crass.

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