Lesbian After Graduation

As one of the subjects of TV Land's new show High School Reunion, Kat Feller is reality TV's newest token lesbian. She talks to us about everything from coming out to bi-curiosity and hooking up on the show.



Darn! But aside from being a happy lesbo, you also
seem to be questioning your sexuality in the early
episodes. Was that trumped up for the show?

No, it was
definitely for real. A lot of people have bisexual
tendencies in their life. I did date men in high
school, but it’s been a long time. I’ve
been a little bi-curious lately, but when I sit down and
think about being with a guy long-term, it does
nothing for me. Ultimately, I’m very, very
drawn to women -- even in sixth grade, I remember being
drawn to a girl. If I’m a little bi-curious
from time to time, it’s fun. Wow, you can be
attracted to, and feel attraction from, both sexes! It opens
up your options.

What’s your current girlfriend status?

Brenda is my
ex-girlfriend -- we’ve been separated for about a
year -- and she’s a big part of my life, my
confidante. I love her dearly. But our career paths
and lives are going in different directions. So right
now, ladies, I’m single! I haven’t gone on one
single date. Please put that in big print: KAT WANTS

What’s your type?

I don’t
like the butchy, edgy girls; I like the cute, edgy girls --
a little bit more feminine. Sarah Shahi is the epitome
of my type -- dark-haired, dark-eyed. But I like
blondes too -- Laurel Holloman from The L
… and Charlize Theron, please! I’m not
so shallow, though -- I’m drawn to the person as

You were attracted to girls early on, but when did
you actually come out?

I came out to
myself when I was 20, and to my family a few years later. I
was terrified my parents would freak out. My dad thought I
was on drugs because I was so secretive about my life.
But [when I told them], they accepted me, and ever
since then I don’t care who else knows.

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