Lesbian After Graduation

As one of the subjects of TV Land's new show High School Reunion, Kat Feller is reality TV's newest token lesbian. She talks to us about everything from coming out to bi-curiosity and hooking up on the show.



But was it hard to tell your high school classmates
at the reunion?

My heart just
started going boom boom boom, really beating fast
when I told the women. You just never know how
they’ll respond -- and if one didn’t
like it, I would have been stuck in the house with her for
two weeks. But they were great to me.

And the guys?

Oh, the guys --
it’s everyone’s fantasy. It’s like, Can
I watch?

In the promos for the show, each person is given a
character label based on their high-school personalities
-- the Stud, the Drama Queen, the Pipsqueak, the
Jock. But you’re simply called the Lesbian
-- did that make you feel weird?

I’m really
OK with it. I had two reasons for being on the show -- the
main reason was to come out as a lesbian [the other was to
promote her voice-over career, which includes playing
an animated ostrich giving birth in Madagascar
]. This was my coming-out. As far as the lesbian
title, hey, you know what? It’s getting me exposure.

It sure got a lot of exposure for Dani
Campbell—you could be the new favorite reality dyke.

Hey, they should
make a reality show out of me and Dani! She’s not
exactly my type, but we can be friends. See who can get the
hotter chicks, the Butch or the Femme!

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