Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Margaret Cho forces a little reality into her fantasy life on The Cho Show.



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Married or not,
Cho has perfected an image of herself as a sexual
maverick who’s up for anything. But one has to wonder
if that’s just a stage character or if she
really walks the walk. “I’ve enjoyed a big,
big variety of different kinds of sex,” she
insists. “I was worried about that when I was
younger, like, ‘Why do I have to be so
slutty?’ And then I realized it’s
fun to be slutty.” As for being slutty
and married, Cho allows that “there are
certainly boundaries that we have,” but she
hesitates to classify her marriage as open.
“It’s something like that, but
it’s all very unclear. We sort of take everything as
it comes. It’s very fluid because it’s
meant to last. We want it to be forever. I
don’t want to philosophize about it. I’m just
very happy.”

Cho confirms that
she’s had long romantic relationships with women,
“but I probably have longer, more intense
relationships with female-to-male transsexuals. My
sexuality is more oriented toward transgendered people,
so I don’t know what that makes me.” She pops
a grape into her mouth, then adds, “And I still
love cock, all cock. Cock doesn’t
necessarily have to be cock to be cock. It can be a
store-bought cock. Oh, and I can only have sex with
people over 40, that’s the other thing. If
they’re younger than that, it’s creepy. I like
a worn, lived-in body.”

Though Cho has no
problem being open about her sexuality these days, that
wasn’t always the case. She recalls being at a comedy
festival in Montreal when she was in her late teens
and discovering that the powers that be in Hollywood
might not want to hear about her sex life. “I was
sitting on [out performer] Lea DeLaria’s lap,”
she says, “and my manager at the
time—this big, powerful manager—came up and
pulled me away and he said, ‘Are you 100%
straight?’ And I was like,
'I…don’t…know.’ And he
goes, ‘You know what? You are. You’re 100%
straight. You’ve never been interested in
women. You haven’t even looked at a woman and thought
of sex ever. You’re not gay at all.
You’re 100% heterosexual.'” Cho got the
message. “I was so terrified that I kind of pushed
all of that queerness into some area where I
couldn’t feel it,” she says. “I just
didn’t want to deal with it.”

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