Dancing With Lance Bass

Is there anything this guy can’t do?



Kathy Griffin and Lance Bass (Getty ) | Advocate.com

Right: Kathy Griffin and singer Lance Bass perform on stage during Bravo's first A-list Awards

Who are you most looking forward to seeing dance?I’m actually looking forward to seeing Cloris Leachman. She’s a little spitfire. I’m interested to see what’s going to come out of her mouth during a live show. She’s awesome. I’ve met her a couple of times, but I’ve heard some great stories already.

You’ve been out a little more than two years now. What has changed most in your life since you came out publicly?Basically my whole life has changed, for the better. It’s just amazing to be the person who you really are and getting to live a proud life, not hiding anything. You become a completely different person when you’re trying to hide something that major in your life. So now I’m not lying to people, and I feel like my friendships have definitely gotten stronger -- I’m closer to my family. Overall, it’s been an amazing experience.

Were you surprised by all of the attention the gay press gave you when you came out?I was surprised by all of the press, actually. I really didn’t think it was such a big deal, but I guess a lot of people did. The good thing about it was how positive everybody was, which I love seeing because I think that will help a lot of people out there who are struggling to be who they are, seeing how positively people reacted to my situation.

When Logo did its Visible Vote push, you did a blog in which you talked about support for gay marriage. Are you involved at all with Prop. 8 [the anti-gay marriage ballot measure]here in California?I’m not really involved too much. Politics -- it’s a really hard line to walk when you’re in the public eye, because once you start you have half of the people hating you and half of the people supporting you. Yes, of course I support [gay marriage] and I’ll do anything they ask me to do for it, but it’s also something I’m not that educated about, so I’m not going to be naive enough to think I can go out there and speak about something I know nothing about.

You know I have to ask -- ’N Sync reunion? Any chance it’s going to happen?Yeah, the chances of an ’N Sync reunion are really good. The good thing is, we’re all brothers, so we all get along, which is amazing. So there will always be an opportunity for us to do music together again, and it’s something we’ll be talking about within the next year.