Messing Around Again 

Forget Grace Adler (for a minute). Suddenly, Debra Messing wants to become everybody’s favorite desperate ex-housewife with her big return to the small screen in The Starter Wife.



You must have thoughts on gay marriage in California? Spectacular. I mean, years ago the cast of
Will & Grace did a PSA independent of
NBC, and that was when the gay marriage vote was
brought up and unfortunately thrown down, so this has
been something that I’ve been waiting to see. And
celebrate. It’s about time. I have friends that
have been together for 15 years, and they just got
married and it’s just fantastic. It’s
wonderful to be a part of when you are living in this
time when such massive change is occurring.

So what are you most amused by these days? Gosh -- not much right now. I am more perplexed
and concerned about the state of our country and the
upcoming election and very concerned about making sure
that Obama is elected, and honestly, I am very anxious these
days ... because I feel that this is the most important
election in my lifetime. So that’s really where
my head is when I’m not working and trying to
make people laugh.

Then you must also have thoughts on Senator
McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin?
You know, I was just flabbergasted. Honestly.
She is clearly a very dynamic and powerful speaker and
has an amazing story -- very unique. But it’s a
... ugh ... tragedy ... that she is on the ticket! There are
so many other Republicans who are much more qualified
and much more responsible and much more educated on
foreign policy and the environment. I think
it’s reprehensible and terrifying that she could very
much be the person in charge of taking office.
I’m hoping that since it’s such an
absurd idea, that for the people who were on the fence with
Obama, it will clarify things for them.

Here’s to having an LGBT member on the ticket someday. Oh, absolutely!

So, what’s the best advice you’ve been
given about life?
Trust your gut.

And what’s the most interesting thing
you’ve learned about yourself lately?
That I am stronger than I thought I was.

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