The Return of Eden Riegel

From the second Erica Kane’s daughter Bianca came out on All My Children, actress Eden Riegel secured herself a gay following for life. She's back, and for fans who've long wanted to see Riegel in a committed relationship, actress Tamara Braun joins the cast as Bianca's ... wife! Riegel sat down with to talk about life on AMC, her dramatic return, and what she calls the role of a lifetime.



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What was your first day back on the set like? Is it
just like going home?
Yeah. Like I never left. But I was really
nervous this time.

Why? I’m so excited about the story and I
really, really want to do a good job. I’ve been
away for a while. I’ve been doing other things.
I’ve been doing comedy a lot. I don’t
know -- maybe it’s that my entrance happens to
be so dramatic. Ordinarily, when I come back, I have a few
days of chats with Kendall, or "Hey, mom, how’s
it going?" I’m not normally thrust into the
middle of a story.

I know one of the things you’ve been doing in
your down time is the Web series Imaginary
, which reunites you with a bunch of your
AMC costars, including Maggie, for AMC fans.
We’ve been dying to work together again,
so this was a good excuse. It came about -- my husband
thinks it’s really funny when I curse because it
sounds so foreign coming from me. So when I curse I sort of
laugh and get bashful, and he always thought that was
really hilarious. So when I was away shooting the
movie that I did, Year One [with Jack Black,
out next year], he came up with this story about a girl
who has imaginary friends who are really bitchy who say
really terrible, slutty, very wrong things, and the
only way you know what they’re saying is that I
repeat things. He thought it would be hilarious to get me to
say those kinds of things.

Well now, I have to ask you, what was your absolute
favorite thing to let loose and say?
Oh my God. The line that I barely could utter
was, in the priest episode, we’re in the pool
-- I invite the priest over later, and he’s very,
very sexy and he’s wearing only a Speedo. One
of my imaginary friends, Heather says, that he
shouldn’t wear a shirt so that she can wash her
panties on his abs while she’s wearing them.

Yeah, that’s kind of harsh. [Laughs] That image gets me every time.
But yes, there have been some really good lines. They
say all the things in conversation that you wish that
you could say but you never quite get there in time.

Do we have more of those to look forward to? I hope so. We usually shoot them in L.A., but I
have this fantasy of doing bitches in the city, so
maybe we’ll get there.

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