Chris Diamantopoulos on Top

After nearly a decade of guest stints -- from Law & Order to Eli Stone -- Chris Diamantopoulos has landed the plum role of Debra Messing’s best and gay friend, Rodney, in the new USA series The Starter Wife. For those of you expecting another Will-Grace pairing, you might be surprised to see what this hunk has up his sleeve.



Chris Diamantopulos X100 (USA) | ADVOCATE.COM

Have you been given any great advice lately? I was in Greece, visiting my mom’s
village, and there was this old guy, and he was
exceptionally happy and he seemed fit, one of these guys you
looked at and think, When I am 80-whatever or 90,
can I be like him?
I asked him what’s the
secret of life, and he looked at me and smiled. And
then he made this gesture with his hand on his
shoulder -- like he was brushing something off his shoulder
-- and he said, "Let everything roll off your back."

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve
learned about yourself lately?
I never thought I would have the patience I
wanted to have. When I was younger, I was quick to
respond, but I am learning that age helps. I’m 33
years old. I take a minute to think before I react now ...
but what about you?

Me? Yeah? What have you found out about yourself?

I love that you are asking. Not many people do.
Let’s see, "What’s the most interesting
thing I’ve learned about myself lately?"
Tell me.

It’s a good question. I am glad I ask it to people. Yes, go on.

Well, I am learning that, when in doubt, it’s
probably good to get the hell out of my own way.
That’s a good one.

Yes. Getting out of your own way is a good thing. Sort of like ... not taking ourselves so

Exactly. And we do, don’t we? Some of the big
historical figures, those that have made the biggest
effect on the world -- Mozart, Alexander the Great --
you know, they did their thing and they’re gone. I
used to be so tortured over a job or an interview or
other things where I felt the concepts used to so
important. And it’s like, "Dude, really? Oh, my God,
this is so myopic!" I have to say, and I’m not
sure what you’re status is, but ...

I’m gay, single at the moment, and now that
I’ve admitted this singlehood to you, I
think you should start looking for a man for me.
Or a love scene ... ?
Well, I tell you, man, the right partner ...
listen, when I met my wife, Becki, I had sworn off
women. A week before I met her, I literally called my
father and said, "Dad, you’re not getting any
grandkids. Forget about it." I have to say, and
I’m not trying to be cheesy, my life really
began when I met her. She really is my best side.

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