Happily Ever After

On the eve of Californians' voting on Prop. 8, which would eliminate same-sex marriage, wedding planner David Tutera saves the day for straight couples on WE TV’s new series My Fair Wedding. Tutera is the out wedding planner behind star-studded soirees for stars including J. Lo, Al Gore, and Matthew McConaughey.




What’s your take on the various initiatives
threatening to ban gay marriage, like Prop. 8 in
California and Prop. 2 in Florida?
Well, I’m not usually a political person,
but I think marriage is a wonderful institution that
should be available to everyone, straight or gay. No
one’s telling people they have to accept it or have
it in their church. But it’s a basic right.

Are you married? My partner and I got married in Vermont five
years ago. We’ve been together for 10. It was a
great little black-tie ceremony with 120 people. But
it made me have a new appreciation for planning a ceremony.
It’s a lot more stressful when it’s your own

Gay weddings are still a relatively new phenomenon.
How do we create our own traditions?
I’ve done lots of gay weddings and
ceremonies, and I think sometimes we try to hard to
make our ceremonies unique. Everyone wants their wedding
to be special, but I don’t understand why people
think gay weddings should be in this separate
category. To me that’s saying we’re not the
same or we’re not acceptable. Why can’t we go
down the traditional road, with the Wedding March and
the whole nine yards? The only difference in a gay
wedding should be the fashions.

Any words of advice for gay couples planning to say
"I do"?
Don’t fixate on whether Aunt Gertrude or
someone is going to be uncomfortable with it being a
gay wedding. If you pull the reins back or worry, it
becomes contagious. And then everyone gets uncomfortable.
It’s your day -- just do what would make you

If you could plan any gay celebrity wedding, who
would it be -- Clay Aiken? Neil Patrick Harris?
Actually, I’d love to plan Lindsay Lohan
and Samantha Ronson's wedding.

My Fair Wedding
airs on WE TV Sundays at 10 p.m.

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