Keeping It Real

MTV’s The Real World has been a reality television staple for almost 20 years. For its new Brooklyn season, the show is upping the LGBT ante -- a gay man, a trans woman, a girl who's dated girls but is now seeing a guy, and an allegedly straight virgin who pings the gaydar more than Ryan Seacrest at a Jonas Brothers concert.




The remaining
five housemates are ostensibly straight, though mostly not
narrow. (Iraq war vet Ryan, 23, might have the toughest
time adjusting to his diverse household.) And there
are a few question marks, most notably Chet, a devout
Mormon who exhibits classic metrosexual tendencies --
like getting a manicure and commenting on his male
roommates’ attractiveness. In the first episode, we
see at least one cast member questioning his
sexuality, and J.D. reveals he got Chet to dance in
the spotlight at raunchy gay dance club Splash. Then
there’s Scott, a fitness model-personal trainer
with abs for days.

OK, so that one
might be wishful thinking.

We’ll have
to wait for the season unfold to see if sexuality becomes a
major issue in the house, but viewers will be able to check
out unedited and uncensored clips online at The Real World Dailies website.

Adding a level of
transparency, Real World executive producer Jim
Johnston will also write a weekly blog covering much
of the behind-the-scenes action. We could be looking at more
of the same from the long-running series, or this
could very well be the realest Real World in
years. Tune in and find out.

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