Dance King Jason Gilkison Makes His Move 

Out Aussie ballroom champ Jason Gilkison looks to give Dancing With the Stars a run for its money on the new Superstars of Dance.



And you’re just out of a relationship, is that right? Just came out of a long-term relationship that
went on for five years.

What are you looking for in mate? My idea of what I thought was ideal and what I
suddenly find myself lately to be attractive are two
different things. As a result, I am gravitating toward
a different type of person. It’s a very
low-maintenance, playful, witty, funny person. When I see
people treating others particularly well ... I find
that really attractive.

What’s the most interesting thing you have been
learning about yourself lately?
I’ve always thought, as I mentioned, that
nothing is impossible. But over the last year
I’ve realized what I can accomplish if I really put
my mind to it. I think it’s further than I
thought. If I could create [Burn the Floor],
then why can’t I create a show that gets to Broadway?
I want to create the best ballroom dancing show now.
And, I’ve learned that I pushed myself a lot
further than I thought I ever could.

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