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As the World Turns finally gives gay fans what they want -- Luke and Noah, together at last.



 Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann LUKE AND NOAH NUKE X390 (screen grab kiss) |ADVOCATE.COM

So do you guys hang out together and do stuff
off-set in your personal lives?
Silbermann: I just get sick of him; I can’t
bear the thought of him [laughs]. Like the other
weekend, we saw a terrible movie together!Hansis: The worst movie!Silbermann: The Unborn, because we like scary
movies. I said to Van when we left the film, “Whoever
designed the preview for that movie deserves an
award!”Hansis: Because the preview looks
terrifying, so we said, “Let’s go see
that. It looks terrifying."Silbermann: Van is a little more into them.Hansis: Yeah, I like horror films, but Jake has
great taste in movies, better than mine. I watch a lot of
stupid crap.

ATWTwon the GLAAD Media Award last year for best
daytime drama series and is nominated again this
year. You have both appeared at the awards before.
What was your “take-away” from that experience?
Silbermann: I thought it was a great
experience, both moving and inspirational. It made me feel
proud to be a part of the story line and being
involved in a movement.Hansis: It was one of those times you felt
bigger than yourself, and part of something that is really
important and really necessary.

Did it give you a deeper understanding of the LGBT
community and the importance of its positive portrayal
in the media?
Hansis: I think hearing how your work affects
people is the thing that really affects me the most. I think
it’s not often, as an actor, you get a gift to
really make a difference. We were given this
opportunity to help make a difference, and hearing back
numerous times from people who have had their lives changed
by what we do is really sobering.

Last year Noah had so many self-induced dilemmas
that kept him separated from his true love, Luke. Many
fans felt that the show was not committed to
telling the gay love story, when in truth it was
just the opposite. What were your thoughts on this?
Silbermann: You can’t have it all be peaches
and cream. They need to be together and break apart and come
back together. Fans say they want it to be easy, but
it can’t be easy. It’s the nature of
soap operas, and they are treating us in that respect as
much a soap couple as they can.

So guys, give me a good teaser for what to look
forward to from Nuke in February?
Hansis: We are on air!Silbermann: I think they are going to see
togetherness between the two…and teamwork. They will
be acting as a duo for an extended period of time,
which they haven’t had the chance to do previously.Hansis: Yes. Right now, Luke and Noah are
working as a unit. I don’t know how long they will be
together and happy, because from what we have been
taping, it’s been a month or so, so you know
what that means? [Laughs]

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