Are You Ready to Say "I'm Gay"?

Casting producer Adam Drucker and Showtime are looking for people who are ready to come out of the closet on television on the new series Way Out.



So, if the audience you’re going after is both
gay and straight, is it safe to assume the team behind
the show is mixed?
Yes, it’s half and half. We’re in
the very beginning stages. We haven’t started
hiring what will be, ultimately, the whole team. It was
really important to Bryn (Freedman, executive producer
of Way Out and Intervention), who is a
straight woman, that there be gay people associated
with it. What we're doing right now is we're casting
locally to film the pilot, but the stories we’re
really looking for -- what we’ll do in the
series is travel the country, go to places where
people are risking true family rejection or the loss of a
job by coming out.

I think
it’s also important to say that we aren’t
going to out these people and move on. We’ll
provide psychological support, therapy if it’s
needed. We’re not going to hurt these people’s
lives and move on.

What sort of people and stories are you looking for? There’s really no limit. We just want
people who really want to come out -- who are willing
to take this step. People can be out in many aspects
of their life. The Hollywood exec who is married to his
partner, sits on gay boards, but his parents back in
Iowa don’t know he’s gay. When they come
out to visit, he moves his partner out of the house. There
are all ranges of coming out -- we just want to tell
the stories and hope other people can learn from them.

- Way Out
is actively casting people to appear in the pilot
episode of the program. Visit for more

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