Here Come the Brides 

As All My Children's Bianca (Eden Riegel) and Reese (Tamara Braun) head for the altar, executive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers signals trouble ahead -- but it's not what you might think.  




Some fans were upset when it appeared that Reese
might consider leaving Bianca for a man.
She is not considering it. That’s the
audience rewriting what’s there. It’s
not being written that way at all. Reese has never wavered
in what she wants.

Even though Reese had a boyfriend in the past, whom
we met on-air?
Yes, but she was very clear about that. The
reason she did not marry him is because she felt she
was lying and going through the motions of what her
family told her to do. And when she did come out as a
lesbian, it was right before she was ready to make a
commitment to this man. We have had in-depth scenes
with the people who care about Bianca, being sure she was
not someone to get Reese out of a bad relationship.
It’s never been about that. I don’t know
how to stress this more. Never has she played a moment
of, “I want Zach more than I want Bianca," or "I
would leave Bianca for Zach.” He has literally
just been a friend. Look, we tantalize in this genre.
We do it whether we do it with heterosexual or homosexual
couples. It’s what the genre is.

If you were looking for conflict, did you consider
a story where another woman tantalized Reese, having
that be the thorn in their side?
We are
working within a canvas of people who are interrelated
and connected. For our audience, it’s always more
powerful if it is someone you know well and would
least expect. If we brought in a character out of
nowhere, they would worry about Bianca, but they would
not be invested in Reese at all, particularly now with Zach
being the donor (for Bianca's baby with Reese). It
complicates it in a delicious way.

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