Here Come the Brides 

As All My Children's Bianca (Eden Riegel) and Reese (Tamara Braun) head for the altar, executive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers signals trouble ahead -- but it's not what you might think.  




You do get why people would be upset if Reese left
Bianca for a man?
I understand why they might be upset. As
respectful and supportive as we are of the gay and
lesbian community, the story is not just for them. The
story is for a large audience. We are telling tantalizing
soap stories. They do not always come off politically
correct, as much as we are trying to be responsible.
Do I understand it as a human being? Absolutely! And
as an executive producer? Absolutely! Does that mean it
would never ever be done? No. We are not doing it here
now, but in a dramatic arena, it’s an
interesting story.

You moved their wedding from Pennsylvania and Pine
Valley to Connecticut, where marriage is legal between
same-sex couples, to stay true to life.
When we
committed to doing the wedding, it was important to
do it in Connecticut. That way, we made everything
legal and appropriate with the baby and the family. What we
are doing is telling a story about people. People have
flaws and they make mistakes, and it’s how they
overcome them. The way that they love is what makes you
connect to them.

Bianca became mistrustful when she noticed the bond
between Reese and Zach. She had gone through something
similar with her ex-partner, Maggie. So fans have
doubts that they will find happiness.
It’s going to have the ending everyone
wants. But the journey to the ending is a rough one
and that’s what’s making it so spectacular. I
have to say, great credit is due to these two
actresses. I believe every second that they love each
other, even when there is the breakup after the

Reese seems to be a very complicated woman, and now
she is going to have to earn her way back into
Bianca’s life, correct?
She may not be the poster child to represent the
lesbian women in the world. But at the same time, she
is very responsible, as are the writers portraying a
woman dealing with a crisis and trying to ground herself in
her identity. In the spring, Bianca returns to give
resolution to the story. The journey Reese has to take
to earn Bianca’s trust again is significant.

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