Holly Hunter, Hard as Nails

Holly Hunter returns for a second season of Saving Grace and talks to Advocate.com about gay plotlines, spirituality, and Christina Ricci.



Absolutely. What more can we expect in the March episodes?
Christina Ricci has signed on as a fellow detective for a story

It's fantastic to have her. Nancy wrote it with her in mind.
She has a very unique energy as an actress. And I have been
admiring her for a long time, and it's been great to work
opposite of her. But you know, I think we'll be seeing
something about forgiveness. I think it's kind of fascinating
between Grace and Leon, the death-row inmate. It's explored
more. That's an interesting relationship, as are all of them.
The show continues to grow. I think the last episodes of the
second season are just fantastic. I think the show has traction

What would you like to see next from Grace?

Don't know. They are working on that right now. The writers are
in the writers' room right this second, spinning out these
imaginary tales about Grace. I am very excited about that.

Any similarities between you and Grace?

Grace comes from me and only me, just like all characters that
actors play. They come from them. And only them.

So you're pretty tough?

I would say Grace is many things.

That's just one of them.

Yeah. She is definitely very tough. But I also think that she
is very fragile. She is many things.

Do you think the writers would ever consider an LGBT story
line at some point in the future?

I don't know. That might be interesting. That would certainly
not be out of the realm for
Saving Grace,

you know? They may be cooking that up right this second.

Any thoughts on the recent SAG Awards? You were up for Best

It was pretty fun. I have to say. I happen to think that this
particular year was a year of really great performances. It was
kind of wild. Richard Jenkins and Melissa Leo and Anne Hathaway
and Sean Penn and Laura Linney and Paul Giamatti.

What were your thoughts when they named Sally Field as Best
Actress in a TV role?

It was cool. Are you kidding? It was Sally Field. What's the
problem? She is an exceptional woman; an exceptional actress.
At my age, it really, truly is to be honored. Once you've been
around the block -- and Sally Field feels the same way -- once
you've been acting a long time, you realize the privilege of
being in a position where your show, your movie, your work is
recognized. That is a privilege. So, you know, I love that she
won. It would have been cool to win, but I would never look at
it as being a loser. That's too silly.

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