Holly Hunter, Hard as Nails

Holly Hunter returns for a second season of Saving Grace and talks to Advocate.com about gay plotlines, spirituality, and Christina Ricci.



What do you for fun?


Any places you really love to visit?

I spent three months in France. It's been really great.

Love that. So what's the most interesting thing you've been
learning about yourself lately?

Uh, wow! Patience is probably everything.

Hmm. Good thing to learn.

Yeah, man ... it can be really tough. Especially in
the world when things go so quickly; we all move so quickly
now. There are so many things we have access to. Patience is
something we no longer feel that we need, but at the end of
day, you know, you really do need patience. Dealing with people
-- patience truly is a virtue. People deserve patience.

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