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Badass action babe Eliza Dushku talks Bring It On, Ahnold S., and Prop. 8 and entices Advocate.com to take a look at her new series, Dollhouse.



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Well, I think you pretty much sealed your gay fan base with
your role as the tough and sassy Missy in
Bring it On

-- was that movie as fun to make as it is to watch?

You have to understand, when that script first came down the
pike, it was called
Cheer Fever

and it was so over-the-top and so campy and so ... it was just
hilarious. When we set out to make it, we had Peyton Reed, our
director, who just was the perfect man and I give him such
credit, and the cast that he sort of made -- but we didn't have
the studio breathing down our neck, because no one really had
any idea that the movie had the potential to be what it became.
We just had the freedom to go spend three months in San Diego
and blow it out. We were like kids in a candy store -- cheer
camp, beautiful weather, this insane and hilarious script and
-- yes, it was so much fun.

For the record, do you think Missy secretly spoke a little

I don't know. I didn't really see that -- she was just sort of
the anti-cheerleader. As much as I know I'm gonna break a lot
of hearts, I didn't really see any of the sort of homoerotic
love between she and Kirsten Dunst's character that a lot of
our fans did. Likewise, with Faith and Buffy -- I know people
have sort of created this, like, subtext of deep love between
Faith and Buffy or Missy and Torrance [

], but it's just the fans ...

I recently screened the first three episodes of

and in the second one you spend the majority of the time being
chased through the woods by a serial killer. Did shooting that
episode give you any flashbacks to
Wrong Turn


It did, I have to say. Only I was relieved and grateful to be
shooting that here in Los Angeles, where there's no poison ivy.
Because we spent three months in Toronto running through the
woods shooting
Wrong Turn,

and we were covered in poison ivy from head to toe. I remember
doing David Letterman for
City by the Sea

in the middle of production and he said, "How are you
doing?" and I said to him, "To be quite honest, I've had
two cortisone shots and I have had doctors coming into the
hotel." So the flashbacks were there, minus the absolutely
excruciating poison ivy.

How do you feel about all these direct-to-video sequels to
your films? Have you seen
Bring It On Again

Wrong Turn 2

? Are you even aware of them?

I'm aware of them. I sort of tried to watch parts and pieces of
them. It's exciting that people want them - it obviously means
that there was a fierce response to the originals. And I
understand the business and marketing behind making follow-ups
and sequels. The truth is, in both cases the scripts for the
sequels were never sent to us [the original actors]. I guess
they were sort of always planned as straight to DVD. From what
I've heard, I don't think they quite captured the same essence
as the originals.

So, sexy lady, you're

's March 2009 cover girl. Is that something you enjoy doing
or just an accepted part of the job?

Both. For one, I worked
really hard to get in the shape that I'm in for

And you also have to keep in mind what you're promoting --

has a huge male readership, and a show called

may not have resonated with them based on the title alone, so
we wanted to give them a little bit of eye candy and entice
them in that way. Also, I'm pretty comfortable in my birthday
suit and in my body. I've never been the most modest child [


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