'Tis the Season to Be Gay on Idol ?

It's official -- Adam Lambert is in the top 11. But lizard pants and Pete Wentz hair notwithstanding, will American Idol producers slam the closet door on the show's "gayest" contestant yet?




They will talk first about how his voice might possibly be capable of shattering a human skull. Then they'll talk about his Christian Siriano-meets-Pete Wentz hair. And his Lizard King pants and foot-long tongue and black nail polish. And then, if they're bored and clicking all over the Internet at work, they'll talk about those pictures of him in drag and making out with guys that are all over the place right now.

But will American Idol talk about it? Ever? Up until now the show has what seems to be an unofficial rule that allows heterosexual contestants to talk about their lives ad nauseam -- here's my family, here's my baby out of wedlock, here's my wife, here's my dead wife -- but keeps gay contestants on a kind of lockdown . And while any possible lesbian singers seem to fly under the radar, the guys never quite accomplish that feat. Season 1 top 10 contestant Jim Verraros had the queer details of his life erased from his online presence until that season ended. He wasn't closeted until the show shoved him back in for a bit. Clay Aiken, torn between his Barry Manilow-like fame and the truth, waited for five years to say what everyone except for his most delusional fans had already figured out.

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