'Tis the Season to Be Gay on Idol ?

It's official -- Adam Lambert is in the top 11. But lizard pants and Pete Wentz hair notwithstanding, will American Idol producers slam the closet door on the show's "gayest" contestant yet?




That leaves Lambert. There's no need to debate much about his sexuality. He's not officially "out," but that's not the point. If something as formerly monumental as a public person's gayness can suddenly be seen as post-mattering, then that's what really matters now. Furthermore, it seems like the audience now cares less about flamboyance than it does about whether or not the flamboyant one can sing.

But if a "family" show like Idol wants to try to impose an old-school restriction on him -- a man seemingly unconcerned with hiding or changing at all -- then let them try. Lambert may or may not comply with whatever behind-the-scenes restrictions he's asked to abide by. But he's probably sticking around for the duration. And he's already a seasoned enough pro to know that there's a certain way to play the game to get what you want.

So if the Fancy-Haired One doesn't make an on-camera joke about his drag pictures or demand that a boyfriend (if there is one) be included in his weekly clip package, it'll most likely be because of careerism and not shame. Because he knows when to speak and when to sing.

Still, though, this is live television…

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