Kings and Queens

NBC's new epic saga Kings imagines a modern-day monarchy with a queer spin -- complete with late night trysts and a jab at 'don't ask, don't tell.'



KINGs FAMILY PORTRAIT x390 (nbc andrew eccles) |

Some viewers may
perceive the hard-partying scion as an outdated queer
cliché, but Green disagrees.

"I'm not aware
enough of gay stereotypes to make fun of them," he says.
"Jack's playboy lifestyle isn't about his being
gay, it's about his being the prince and having everything he
wants handed to him. There's something corrupting about
absolute access."

Jack is a complicated,
multifaceted character, Green says, noting, "He
might've had a very different life if he was born into a
different family." For all his debauchery, for example,
Jack is a first-rate soldier -- Green's little dig at
'don't ask, don't tell.'

"I thought about
the Israeli army, where they don't care if you're gay
or straight, just that you can fight," he explains.
"There are plenty of countries that allow gays in the
military -- it's ridiculous that we're still squabbling
over it here."

In any event, Green
hopes viewers don't fixate on whom Jack sleeps with. "My
job was to create the most interesting, fully developed
character I could. Obviously, some people will see Jack's
sexuality as the crux of the character, but my assumption is
that most of us are over that issue. It's hardly the most
interesting thing about him."

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