Jeremy Irons Revisits Brideshead

The original 1981 BBC miniseries Brideshead Revisited returns to television on here! TV, and Jeremy Irons -- taking a break from starring on Broadway in Impressionism -- takes a moment to revisit Brideshead .




You've never been one to shy away from controversial subject
matter --

M. Butterfly

come to mind. Why do you think audiences so often equate
controversy with sexuality?

Controversy is often caused by sexuality, since sex remains
still somewhat of a forbidden fruit for many audiences. It is,
after all, something most of us keep quite private, and
probably rightly so. However, I see no reason to shy away from
any subject that film storytelling should discuss.

probably caused the most controversy, but since it is a classic
work, and beautifully made, I have no regrets.

You're back on Broadway, working with Joan Allen in a play
about art -- and you just wrapped a film with her about the
life of Georgia O'Keeffe. Have you two bonded over
art, or is it just coincidence?

It is pure coincidence that both the O'Keefe film and

are set around the art world, as it is that in both I play
opposite Joan Allen. A happy coincidence since she happens to
be one of America's most interesting actors, and a wonderful
person to boot.

What's next for you?

When the run of

ends I hope to go back to film for the rest of the year. I have
a few projects lining up, though with the current economy,
which affects film financing as much as anything, I shall be
interested to see what makes it through.

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