Luner Landing

Prime-time bad girl Jamie Luner has played vixens in soaps like Savannah and Melrose Place . Now she's stirring up trouble during daytime as hell-raiser Liza Colby on All My Children .




Being that you are coming back as the recast version of
Liza, how are you infusing the character?

She is a really strong woman who goes after what she wants and
the men she wants. Honey, it's something I have been playing
for awhile. [

] It's so great to play these power women. You just love to see
them go after what they want. I am certainly comfortable in my
sexuality and that's obvious, it gets me into doing those
scenes right from the get-go.

What's Liza's agenda for returning to Pine Valley?

Liza is coming back to regain her power in this town, and to
rekindle her relationship with her daughter. She will do
whatever it takes to do that. You never know what she is going
to do because she has such a long history with everyone on the
show. There have been so many bridges crossed, burned, and
twisted, and Liza is always a woman who is full of surprises.
You never know with her, and I love that element of

And now Liza is a legal eagle! When did she become an

In the four years she was gone. Honey, things move quickly
around here.

Have you had the chance to play scenes with David Canary
(Adam and Stuart Chandler) or Michael E. Knight (Tad Martin),
who were instrumental in Liza's past?

Not yet, but I have some great scenes coming up with Michael,
and they include some wonderful playful banter with him. As far
as David Canary is concerned, I had one moment where I was
sneaking out of the house and he was walking in. I look forward
to more scenes with him.

Liza has reached out to her daughter, Colby, since she
arrived back in town, but Colby clearly does not want to see

That is why I came back to Pine Valley, because she was not
answering any of my letters, so I figured I would go see her in
person. I tried calling her, and she wanted nothing to do with
me. It was a hard hit as a mother. That's how I wind up at a
casino trying to make myself feel better by winning lots of
money and henceforth meeting Zach, and making myself feel
better in other ways too. So, sex and money is always a good

Absolutely! So how does she feel about Zach after her romp
in the casino?

It's just what the doctor ordered, and they have an attraction
to one another because they both have a similar spirit. And
when she finds out who Zach really is it's interesting, because
he does not know who Liza really is. And he is the only man in
town I seemingly don't have a history with. I also have a
history with Jake [Martin], played by Ricky Paull Goldin. We
had some scenes where I am plotting with him. So we get a plan
to help facilitate an adoption for Amanda's baby. But, I have
another plan in mind for it!

So, are you intimating that Liza wants Amanda's baby for her

I actually want to adopt the baby. In her mind, Amanda and Jake
do not want the child and they are trying to put it up for
adoption, and I am already helping them facilitate the
adoption. In her perfect world, she feels if Colby sees her
with a new life and a law degree, and starting a new family,
then perhaps she might come around. In the meantime, Colby does
not want anything to do with her.

Is it odd having an on-screen daughter the age of Colby,
played by Brianne Moncrief?

Yeah, it's odd! But you play it as if it's a member of your
family. It's always that love/hate relationship. I am very
close with my family, but they know how to push your

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