Luner Landing

Prime-time bad girl Jamie Luner has played vixens in soaps like Savannah and Melrose Place . Now she's stirring up trouble during daytime as hell-raiser Liza Colby on All My Children .




Stepping in as a recast is often hard to do. Did you watch
Marcy Walker's performances as preparation for the role?

No. I did not want to emulate her. I certainly don't look like
her. I am not trying to be her. I am just taking the history of
what she had with this character and making it my own.
Hopefully, Chuck Pratt and I are on the same page about
bringing the fire back in her, and that feisty, powerful Liza
we knew and loved, with an updated version.

As Lexi Sterling on
Melrose Place

, the audience loved to hate you! How was your time there?

I always have fond memories of
Melrose Place

. It was such an incredible show to be on. It's pop culture
history, and one of those iconic shows. I was on it the last
two years. Then, to come on a show that is so big and popular,
and to come in as such a powerful character and be in a rivalry
with Heather Locklear (Amanda,

), was so much fun! Again, my character was written to always
be up to something. It was a blast to work on!

When you play the vixen, why do you think the audience

Everyone loves the bad girl, c'mon. It's probably their alter
ego in there that they love and they are seeing it projected

You had also tackled a different kind of role a few years
back for here! Films -- playing gay in a disaster flick.

I was in

. I played a scientist, and there was this heat wave going on
in this city, and I was trying to figure out the cause of it
before too many people died. It was a good role.

How is nighttime vs. daytime for you? Daytime is a much
tougher daily grind!

I am just getting my footing with that. Once I get the pace
down and figure out a routine for myself, I will be good. When
I get new scripts in, they should be a week ahead of the game.
Fortunately, we are all used to memorizing quickly and that is
one of our skill sets. I have been quite good at that in the
past. But on this soap, it's more than I have ever experienced,
and it has been an exciting challenge.

You've got some good-looking men on
All My Children

to work with.

I certainly do! I am really surrounded by beautiful men. They
are all vivacious and full of energy. I literally had a moment
in my dressing room going, "Are you kidding me with this?
These guys are beautiful!"

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