Final Judgment: Miss USA

Perez Hilton's fellow Miss USA judge Alicia Jacobs took to her blog in response to Miss California's now-infamous marriage-equality flub -- and received a flood of hate mail and death threats. Now the gay rights advocate is speaking out.



I had a chance to read the blog before it was taken down,
thanks to Mr. Perez Hilton. Have you been following his
response to this, and what do you think?

I saw excerpts from his personal blog that he wrote right after
the telecast. It was a bit harsh, and I wish that he hadn't
used some of the language that he had. But look, he was upset.
I was sitting right next to him, and we both drove back to the
hotel together. He was visibly upset and really put off by it.
He had a right to be. He's a gay man, he asked the
question, I don't think it was the answer he wanted to hear. I
think when he did that blog, that's what was fueling it and he
was caught up in the moment. When he went on
Larry King,

I thought he was outstanding.
Access Hollywood,

I think he did a really good job.

Some people have said that if Miss California had answered
the question the way same-sex marriage supporters had wanted
her to, we'd have missed out on this important discussion. Do
you think some good has inevitably come of this?

I would love to believe that some good has come out of this,
and I would love to believe from darkness there is light.
Coming out of this whole experience, if I could have two
wishes, they would be that people will feel more compassion
toward gay issues and gay marriage and maybe have somewhat more
of an open mind [toward] what the majority of gay Americans are
having to deal with on a daily basis. I can't imagine someone
telling me I don't have the right to spend my life with the
person that I love -- I would be incensed. And, at the end of
the day, I hope that this poor woman who won Miss USA -- I hope
that she finally gets to have the recognition she so

There is, of course, the possibility that as runner-up Miss
California could become Miss USA. What would you need to see
from her -- an apology? What needs to happen now?

If that were to happen, I would hope that this had opened her
eyes and she sees that her words were hurtful to some people.
If she were to become Miss USA, [I hope she] would do
everything she could to try and bring people together. She
doesn't have to love the idea, but maybe have an understanding
that people who love each other just want to be together.

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