Going Mental for Marisa

In Fox's new drama Mental, Marisa Ramirez plays a lesbian doctor trying to keep the peace and navigate a long-distance relationship in a hospital full of patients gone mad.




It's established in the second episode that Chloe is in a long-distance relationship with a woman. Will we meet her lover during the course of the first season? No, unfortunately. I always pushed for bringing her in. Who's it going to be? Get me a blond! [ Laughs ] It didn't happen, so I don't know if they are saving it for the second season or maybe they were scared, but I was hoping for some action.

It doesn't sound like the first season is going to be The L Word, huh? I wouldn't mind that at all! That would be so fun!

So, hypothetically, you get the choice to pick Chloe's lover in Mental and it can be any woman you want. Who would you choose? Oh, my gosh! That is such a tough question! There are just so many girls! A part of me has something for blond bombshells.

Like Pamela Anderson? No, not tacky blond bombshells. There's a girl who is up-and-coming and she's so beautiful. Her name is Michelle Pierce and she's a beautiful blond. I think there's something about Katherine Heigl that would make a good love interest. She would be a lot of fun. Maybe Scarlett Johansson. Lucy Liu also popped into my head. I love her! So confident and sexy, and she makes the Chinese language sound like music.

Chloe also has to deal with a cocky male coworker (Nicholas Gonzalez) who comes on to her even after her finds out she's gay. Did you get to tap into some of that attitude? Nicholas and I have kind of known each other off and on for almost 10 years, so for us to sort of work together, it all flows naturally; the character of Arturo is very Nicholas, which is funny. Sometimes, some days when he has his moments, they are very much the same person. I think a part of me always kind of wants to be mean to him because he is who he is. It all flowed very naturally.

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